Work with Crystal 


I’m currently in the process of hiring part-time second photographers. the objective is to work with the same team on every wedding.

if you’re interested in becoming a second photographer, please review the following qualifications:

1) applicants must be available most saturdays - april through November, and some saturdays december through march.

2) Must have photographed a wedding previously or have experience on weddings.

3) Must photograph in manual, and in raw.
(Please note: photographers will be provided with sd cards at each event that they will be expected to hand back at the end of the event.)

4) preferred: photographers who do not work their own weddings. - for availability purposes.

5) Have the appropriate attire to photograph events - many weddings we attend will be black-tie, a typical outfit for me is a black pantsuit.

pay grade information:

Pay varies with experience - travel Expenses paid outside 1 hr of travel.

for more details, please apply below.


if interested in working with crystal, please fill out the form below:

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