CRYSTAL BROUSSARD PHOTOGRAPHY | Why book Crystal Broussard Photography?

Why should you book Crystal Broussard Photography?

      As a consumer, there are a few of things that you are able to conclude when researching a photographer: what the quality of their work is, how much experience they have photographing the type of photography you are looking for and whether or not their style is appealing to you.

These are, in my opinion, three of the most important questions to ask yourself when looking for a professional photographer.

So after you’ve concluded that the photographer does produce quality work, that they do have experience in the type of photography you are looking for and their style appeals to you, I feel the more important question we need to be asking is: Why, when you’ve come to this conclusion, should you NOT book them?

I am a member of several “Wedding Swap” groups on Facebook and every week I see couples selling an array of things from their wedding, items in which they spent a substantial amount of money on are so unimportant and unworthy of being kept that they are being discounted and sold over the internet.

When I see this, I have to question why we choose to purchase items we do not intend on keeping and budget the parts of our wedding we wish to cherish forever?

There are many vendors that couples must take in to consideration when planning a wedding: there are DJ’s, bakers, florists, caterers, and so on. And while I love and appreciate the amazing vendors that fall in to these categories, I can safely say that who you choose there is simply just not as important as who you choose to photograph your wedding.

In my opinion, the most important vendors for every wedding are as followed: The dress vendor, the venues, and the photographer.

One of the few things you will have after your wedding is the photographs to look back on. A good photographer can capture moments you did not even know happened, they can photograph every aspect of your wedding day seamlessly, they can help you with your wedding planning, set your mind at ease over portraits because they have had the experience to photograph in all types of situations and most importantly will not leave you in regret for having booked them.

So why do I feel you should book me as your photographer?  

Well, I want you to book me because of the quality of my work, I want you to book me because you can see the experience behind my work and most importantly, I want you to book me because my style of photography appeals to you.

Thank you,
Crystal Broussard