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frequently asked questions:

Why do you feel we should hire you for our wedding?

I’m not your typical wedding photographer, I offer a wide variety of images to choose from on the wedding day and I believe that my portfolio stands out in the crowd. I’m a creative at heart, while I will provide you all of the traditional aspects of wedding photography I will also offer you images that are not only individualized, but will not be seen anywhere else. I strive to provide authenticity to my work and to personalize each experience I have with a client. Every wedding is different and it’s my job to ensure that your wedding day feels unique to you.

But most importantly: I care. I’m a bleeding heart empath at my core and I sincerely mean it when I say that I care about your portraits. I want you to have a seamless gallery of beautiful images from start to finish that you’re excited about showing all your friends and family, but also feel that I captured your day in a way that truly represents you.

How far in advance should we book you?

The average wedding is booked probably a year, sometimes more, in advance. The wedding photographer is usually the second vendor booked, the first is the venue. I have on occasion had couples book their venues/choose a date around my availability as well – so once you’re certain you’d like me to be a part of your wedding day, contact me!

Do you travel?

I am definitely willing to! I do have accommodations/requirements for traveling:

- Any event with over 3 hrs (round trip) of travel will need to provide hotel accommodations the night before and the day of an event.
- Any event over 2 hrs of travel (round trip) will be subject to travel fees. These are: .50 cents per mile, first 50 miles are free.

When should we do our engagement session?

I’d recommend no later than 3 months before your wedding, but when depends on the look/season you’re hoping to have them in!

Can we exchange the engagement session for an extra hour of service?

For the Classic & Complete collections, yes you may. If you choose to exchange the engagement session, we will want to have two in-person meetings prior to your wedding day.

How much coverage will we need?

If you’re unsure about coverage, I can help provide sample timelines that pertain to the layout of your wedding day to help you decide!

How many images will we receive?

On an average full-coverage event (8 hours), there are usually between 450 – 500 individual color edits. I’m also one of the rare photographers who provides a B&W copy of most color images. So a full gallery will have close to 1,000 edits per event.

What is your turn-around?

Currently, my turn-around for weddings is 6-8 weeks. I look to decrease this number as I become more mindful of the number of weddings I take on.

Do you provide any discounts?

I do!

Military Discount:

All Galleries: 25% Off Prints & Product

Unplugged Weddings: $150.00 Off
- An unplugged wedding is a wedding in which there is a sign or announcement to turn off cell phones/no pictures during ceremony. (It’s a good idea!)

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Why is your e-mail a Hotmail account????

Because has too many characters and my e-mails would ALWAYS end up in the “junk mail”//I couldn’t sign up for certain things under my business email because of the character length – cursed is a long name! 😊