Claire + Bryan | Forte Banquet Center - Des Moines, Iowa

Claire + Bryan

August 3rd 2019 was their 9 year anniversary, technically.

These high school sweethearts said ‘I do’ this Saturday and it was amazing.

In ten years of photographing weddings, I’ve never experienced a wedding as unique as this. Claire and Bryan incorporated things in to their wedding that I’ve never seen before, which is really rare if you’re wondering! The ceremony started with the two of them standing facing their crowd and introducing their wedding party to their guests. They then did a “huddle” for their first kiss and the entire room huddled around them for their first kiss. At the reception they were “iced” with a Smirnoff in the middle of their cake, which they both were then of course “required” to drink. The parent dances included inviting every father/daughter and every mother/son to the dance floor and before the bouquet toss they did a “candy toss” for all the children in attendance.

A very unique event and also, did I mention yet that these two are so hopelessly in love?

I document vibes for a living and I’m naturally a pretty empathetic person, as a result vibes has always been something I “know, know” (ooo and I don’t like when I cannot prove my vibes are right, but that’s another topic - haha) and these two have that soul-mate vibe, as though each one is the other’s person completely and in my opinion, that is rare.

Thank you guys so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer, it’s been an honor and a pleasure getting to know you and working with you! Hoping you get that honeymoon come December!


x - Crystal Broussard

Venue: Forte Banquet and Conference Center Des Moines, Iowa

Primary Photographer -
Crystal Broussard
Second Photographer - Sami Motley (bride and flower girl twirling, bride laughing (speeches), RSVP sign)

All edits by Crystal Broussard Photography