It's Finally Happening!

We’re just a few days from launching the new website + I have to say: THIS has been a long time coming. And, if I’m being super honest: I hope I never have to make this kind of transition again!

So, I thought it would be appropriate to do a little chat with you as I’m approaching launch date (which, I haven’t announced yet because those kind of deadlines make me nervous + I want to be sure I’m fully prepared… this is a big deal!)

Let’s talk about why, after seven years with the same site, I chose to build a new website?

The company I was with, who I will not name here, hadn’t changed or modernized their layouts in a very long time. I wanted a different look to my website + it was one they did not have available. I waited for a long time, a really really long time, I even reached out to them about whether or not they’d be updating their layout options for their consumers to match the modern look of website +, unfortunately, the answer was no.

Let’s be real - I did not want to transition seven years worth of work into a new website - but… i am so happy that I did.

after that conversation with them, i knew that I had to just follow my gut + do what i felt would be best for my business: start over with a new website.

i’ve been working on this website for several months. the first two months i was looking for a new company, which was really hard. i tried several different companies before deciding on this one and believing this was the best option for me. after that, i spent another month deciding on a layout and i even had put together the majority of my home page before one day i had a lead i offered out to local photographers + one of the photographers had nearly the same set up as i had - wanting to differentiate myself, i started over - again.

this has been a long time coming + has been a lot of behind the scenes work: from going through over 100,000 images to reworking my price structure, to including mentoring as an option with me, to spending hours on end designing + re-designing. this has been my fourth baby for the last four months. although, let’s be honest - my business has always been my fourth baby.

but now, i’m sitting here just outside of my launch date (which I’ve still not announced) + I can’t help but think this was the best option for me. i hope you love it + i hope it’s easier to navigate + that the aesthetics are on point. thank you so much for joining me on this journey, or for just checking out my website - it means so much to me!

crystal b. xoxo