Engagement Tips



    I encourage couples to think of a location that is special to them or has meaning to them that they are not utilizing on their wedding day, but it is also important to have a location that is versatile and will provide variety without having to leave to another location. Occasionally I will photograph at multiple locations, but to cut down on time and to utilize our shooting time to our advantage I recommend one location.

    When a couple is open to location, I will ask questions like “What are the vibes you’re going for?”, “Are you interested in a farm setting or trees/nature?”, “Are you looking for an industrial feel with modern architecture or a more classic look with dated architecture?” – etc. This helps to provide me with an idea of where the best place to photograph for you is.


For portraits, I recommend either sunrise or sunset. Most sessions will take place at sunset. It’s important to remember the time of year in which the portraits are in and when sunset will occur. In the spring or summer, we will plan for a much later session while in the fall or winter we would plan for a much earlier session.

Often the time in which the session is scheduled for is crucial to the look of the portraits. Because of this we ask that you arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled session so that we may begin shooting at the desired time.

also, side note: i’m notoriously early - so if you’re an early person too - we will be best friends! ;) and i’m not a huge fan of being late, ever… :D


AVOID BEING TOO “MATCHY MATCHY”. I recommend wearing colors that are within the same color palette; matching but not wearing the same exact color. I also recommend avoiding any clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsure, the key is to feel good in whatever you’re wearing so that your focus is not consumed by worrying about your attire. I also recommend up to two outfit changes and it is your preference on choosing two outfits. A lot of couples choose one casual outfit and one dressy outfit.

Also, there are websites dedicated to renting outfits for special occasions - something to consider if you’re only planning on wearing this once!

BONUS TIP: IF IT’s a new outfit… GIRRRRRRl (or guyyyy), have someone take a picture of you in it - be sure that you like what you’re wearing and how it looks on you!

4. Hobbies, Activities, & Pets!

If you have any hobbies or activities that you do together or are heavily involved in, incorporate those in your session! Incorporating a hobby in to your session will give you something to do that will help ease the comfort of your photoshoot. If your pet plays a major roll in your life: bring them along!

if you are bringing a pet, be sure to also bring along someone who can watch your pet when we’re not involving him/her in the photoshoot.

special note: i am not a prop photographer, i do not have: signs, couches, chairs, fill in the blank with things photographers buy to stick their clients on. if you wish to incorporate any of these in to your session, you will need to supply these items.

5. Hair & Makeup!

Everyone wishes to look their best when their portrait is being taken and therefore I highly recommend hiring a hair and makeup artist for your engagement session. A tip would be to schedule your trial the day of your session! I know a lot of wonderful professionals in this department and would be more than happy to help you find the right makeup artist for you!


Last, but certainly not least: have fun!