Daily Writing, Day 2

August 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Day 2.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but really you’ve been planted.”

I always try to stress, whenever I know of someone going through a difficult time or I am faced with struggle myself, that hardships, setbacks, and pain are antidotes to growth, wisdom, and strength.

Sometimes I think we need to be reminded of these things because life can be overwhelming at times. I believe strongly that we must face obstacles to better ourselves and that we will be faced with reliving our mistakes until the point in which we’ve learned something from them.

If you believe that your life is full of setbacks and you are constantly having to fight an uphill battle, focus on the lessons in which you are being taught and more importantly consider any patterns of setback you may have in your life and ask yourself: have you really taken the lesson you were being taught and learned from it?

I personally do not believe in coincidence, which is a whole other debate in itself, but I believe that everything that comes to fruition in our lives is not by chance but in waves of what we need and what we bring in to our lives ourselves through the energy we project to the world around us.

That’s a broad concept and I understand that not everyone will see things the way I do, that’s the beauty of individualism … it doesn’t make me right to have the point of view that I have, it’s just one opinion of the world we live in. But I do know that if you project negativity on to others, you are more likely to receive that in return and vice versa, so in some way, I feel I have a general grasp on projection and its impact on our lives.

Often, I think we become caught up in somewhat trivial thoughts and patterns, focusing a lot of our attention on things that in the wide scheme of things: probably do not matter all that much.

I recommend the following things for personal growth: Less Facebook: this platform is so detrimental, leads to assumptions that are usually invalid and widens the gap of true interaction with others, meditation – hands down meditation and taking that time for yourself without distractions is so good for the soul – I recommend guided meditations via Youtube to begin as sometimes it’s difficult to quiet the mind on our own, especially if we’ve never meditated, read a book (YEAH!), and start a gratitude journal.

You won’t miss a thing on social media, I promise you.

I spend less than an hour every day on Facebook and have followed this pattern for months: I have not missed anything important and more importantly: I haven’t been distracted by things not relevant to my personal growth. I would choose Instagram all day every day before I sat on Facebook, ever. 😉

(Sorry, I have opinions about the detriment that is Facebook – although am torn because it is a great platform for business marketing, haha. I use it ALMOST exclusively for business and to occasionally post updates on my life/children + hate when I find myself distracted there by conversations that I know aren't beneficial to my general well being.)

Anyway, now that I have found myself all over the place in this post – I just want to say: You got this, I am here for you, I believe that we can all prosper, we can all grow and that there is room for every person to succeed!

do good. be good. carry on.




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