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The Price of Cheap Wedding Photography

June 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Reading an article on The Knot today, caught this little quote and think it's a perfect topic for discussion:

"Many couples admit that not spending more on photography is one of their biggest wedding day regrets—and we tend to agree. "

Yes times a thousand! Photography is a hugely important aspect of the wedding day!

In my opinion, and this is not solely because this is my career path, I believe that the photographer plays a very important role on the wedding day.

I believe that you do want an experienced photographer to handle those situations and I believe that this comes with a price tag.

Your photographer is the vendor you will end up spending the most time with on your wedding day, having someone who has experienced the wedding day flow often enough that they're comfortable within any possible situation or mishap is a true asset.

Now, there is a demographic for every photographer, there always will be... and that is fine.

But, I think we need to ask ourselves: why are photographers charging so little for one of the most important events they'll be photographing? And more importantly, why aren't the low prices a red flag?

The photographer I would give my left arm to have photograph my wedding starts out at over $5,000.00. And that does not include his travel.... and so many times I've sat and gone back and forth, stating "Should I save for him?"

He lives in Washington, DC. Books weddings all over the US and I would most definitely have to wait for him... but in my opinion, he's worth it. He's more than worth it.

In discussing pricing recently with my fiance, I said "I know that the number 1 reason I do not book all these inquiries has nothing to do with my body of work, it's the price tag attached to my body of work."

He said "Well, yeah... but what you end up with is clients who are booking you because you're a good photographer and not because you're cheap."

Then he made a valuable point, one that I honestly hadn't looked at from my own perspective of this "problem" in our industry and he said:

"Honestly, if I was shopping for something that important, I'd wonder why someone was charging so little for that service... and for me, that would be a red flag."

Something to think about. :)


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