CRYSTAL BROUSSARD PHOTOGRAPHY | Does lighting matter? You be the judge!

Does lighting matter? You be the judge!

June 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I've heard this a few times : "a good photographer can photograph in any lighting condition". 
I'll agree with this, to an extent, but I also believe that a good photographer will tell you the best lighting condition to photograph in and will try to find that for you. 

I really wanted to post a blog about this but wasn't entirely sure how to word this without it coming off a "certain way" or without it seeming like I was being pretentious over lighting. 

In photography, the light can be an advantage or it can be a disadvantage. 

So, I thought, how can I best describe the importance of trusting your photographer in this department? 
& of course, the best way to is to just show you. 

So, I took my daughter out at high noon lighting (a very common lighting situation on weddings) + photographed her in various positions at the exact same time, using the exact same editing software, and all photographed by the exact same photographer. 

This is the result: 

If you're in the midst of planning your wedding, this is something to consider. 

It's common to do outdoor portraits on the wedding day in this window of quote unquote "bad lighting", but where you take them will dramatically impact the outcome of those portraits. 

If you're considering an outdoor wedding, you may want to check out the property at various times of day and see where the sun will be, what is shaded, when the sun is the brightest. The difference between a ceremony in full sun and shade is astronomically different. 

The difference in temperature between a shaded location and full sun is upwards of 15 degrees. 
And the difference in how you will look in those portraits is: PRICELESS. 

There is no comparison.
Full sun is uncomfortable, distracting even.
Not to mention sweat, squinting, those poor men in their tuxes with long sleeve shirt underneath, and all that pretty makeup melting off your face. ;) 

Use your property to your advantage. 

Use lighting to your advantage. 

& trust your photographer. 



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