CRYSTAL BROUSSARD PHOTOGRAPHY | Rebecca + Scott | Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | The Outing Club, Davenport IA

Rebecca + Scott | Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | The Outing Club, Davenport IA

May 07, 2018  •  1 Comment

R e b e c c a  +  S c o t t | Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | The Outing Club, Davenport IA

When Rebecca and Scott first approached me to photograph their wedding, I knew I had one of two choices A) turn down a wedding solely because it was my birthday or B) take the opportunity to work with an amazing couple at a beautiful venue with wonderful vendors. Clearly, I chose the latter and truly feel that a wedding like this is a gift to me as well.

What I loved most about this wedding is that they wrote their own vows and speeches that were not only eloquently articulated but also apparent as to how much they love one another. I’m a sucker for details, I’m a sucker for things that are well thought out and I’m sucker for a good love story. When a couple writes about their partner in a way that expresses a certain level of gratitude, you know that this is a strong foundation for a beautiful relationship. I already knew that both Rebecca and Scott were people who, either with or without their own knowledge, practiced gratitude often. They thanked me throughout their day, were incredibly patient, understanding, and easy to work with. They made sure to tell me happy birthday, even relatives of theirs wished me well and it meant a lot to me that on their special day they took the time to also acknowledge something special about my day as well.

What I love most about working with Rebecca and Scott is that while they seem to know when to be care-free and have a good time, they are also detail oriented and know exactly what they want. This balance of being both laid back and simultaneously meticulous is something I can relate to a great deal. I often feel as though my laid-back personality provides the illusion that I may not know what I am doing or may just wing things and see how it goes, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. While I am confident in going with the flow of the wedding day, it has not been without years of experience and I’m still quite meticulous even when going with the flow.

I’m a strong believer in that “like attracts like”, I believe that whatever you put out into the universe is what you will get back from it. Therefore, I’ve really come to admire my more meticulous clients, the way I see it is: the more meticulous they are, the more gratitude I should possess. Why? Because a meticulous client is selective about what they want and being chosen by clients who know exactly what they want is something to be grateful of because after all: they chose you.

Details are important to me and I believe that they are also important to Rebecca and Scott. They chose an amazing wedding planner: Tamara Wendt Events and I’m sure by now you all know how much I love Tamara and her team, but it is because I know that whenever I photograph a wedding and they are involved it is going to be beautiful and of course because everyone on her team is so wonderful to work with.

The fact that this couple put so much consideration in to their wedding makes it a true honor to have been a part of.

Rebecca, Scott, thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day. I am grateful to have been a part of this event and to be among the vendors you chose to put your faith in to. You have been so gracious to me during this process and in return I cannot thank you enough. I wish you the best in your future together as a married couple and know the universe will continue blessing you.

Thank you again!

Crystal Broussard


Venue: The Outing Club 
Wedding Planning & Design: Tamara Wendt Events 
Floral : Chris Crow (Tamara Wendt Events)

DJ: Music Connection
Cake: Sweet Celebration McCausland, IA 
Bakery (Pastries) : Jaarsma Bakery in Pella, IA
Hair : Pure Hair Studio
Makeup : Soderstrom, Davenport



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