CRYSTAL BROUSSARD PHOTOGRAPHY | C a i t l i n + S e a n || Engagement Showcase || Vanderveer Park - Davenport, IA

C a i t l i n + S e a n || Engagement Showcase || Vanderveer Park - Davenport, IA

April 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I chose to highlight this engagement session because we utilized a very common location for photographers in this area.

 Many steer away from the parks commonly used, for fear of... I don't know, being ordinary? There have been all these challenges lately to take what would be considered a mundane backdrop and use it to your advantage, the same can be said with these "common" locations. 

This was not our original location. We had other plans, but like the nature of being a wedding photographer: weather is unpredictable. You cannot plan for the "right" weather, a lesson I am surely learning as I delve in to exclusively photographing weddings and have spoken about on the blog. 

It was supposed to rain. 

So, naturally, I found them a location we could photograph at indoors - for free without having to pay for a reservation, like many other indoor locations in this area. 

When I got there, it was snowing, and I was looking around outside going... "There's so much potential here." 

When we went inside another photographer was using pretty much the best spot inside, naturally. And where I wanted to photograph, he would have been in the background, so I really wasn't feeling the indoors. 

(Side note: No shade to the other photographer whatsoever, just so that is clear. In fact the other photographer was honestly so nice and even asked us if we needed anything moved to just holler, so please do not think I'm coming from a territorial standpoint. Besides, that's not my character at all.)

Finally after going back and forth with second guessing myself on where we should be shooting, I said "Let's go outside, the snow will make for great portraits." 

So, I sent my soon-to-be bride outside in freezing weather in a sleeveless lace dress... and she killed it! (So did Sean, of course! But he wasn't wearing a sleeveless dress, thankfully... cause' that may have been odd, haha. Not that there's anything wrong with men in dresses, just to stay politically correct here, but Sean does not strike me as the dress wearing type, so you know.. that would have been weird.) 

The point is, and immediately after I had blogged about the nature of "whatever will be will be", is that sometimes you should just trust your instincts. Trust your ability as a creative individual that you can produce great results regardless of where you are. So often we, myself included, get caught up in making sure everything is "right" that we are ultimately rendering ourselves from our potential to work under pressure and subject ourselves to knew challenges out of fear of failure. 

And that statement stretches far beyond the realms of photography. 

Trust your instincts & follow your heart. 

If you don't succeed, at least you tried and now you know what doesn't work for the future, but man... if you do, you'll understand that you are capable of being innovative WHEREVER you are! 

Check out this session: 



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