CRYSTAL BROUSSARD PHOTOGRAPHY | Ally + Brandon | Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | Czech and Slovak Museum | Cedar Rapids, IA

Ally + Brandon | Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | Czech and Slovak Museum | Cedar Rapids, IA

April 30, 2018  •  1 Comment

A l l y  +  B r a n d o n

(We’re going to do things a little different today. From now on I’ll be posting weddings to the blog as they’re much larger posts than sessions.)

I was standing outside with Brandon waiting for Ally to come out for their first look. He was pacing, looking at his phone, asking for the time, wondering if I had texted her to let him know that he was waiting out here for her and… right there was the definitive moment in which I grasped just how close they truly are.

I said “You know, it’s interesting… that the two of you apart are both anxious and nervous (Ally seems much more reserved in her nerves, but having met them before… I could tell she was anxious to see him) but I guarantee there will be a complete shift in both of your energies once she gets out here.”

And as soon as they were together, their moods completely shifted and they seemed to calm one another.

One of the things that I tend to pick up on, either as a human being or just having been present on hundreds of weddings and witnessed a lot of couples say “I do”, is when a couple is literally perfect for one another. There’s a synchronicity in the type of couple that has a twin flame vibe and these two definitely have that vibe.

I can tell that they are always there for one another and I can tell they truly care for another.

They’re both very down to earth and I may be wrong, but my take on having met them and worked with them is that it’s possible that Ally tends to be the one who keeps them more grounded and Brandon is the one who reminds them that it’s okay to be care free too because he kept making her laugh and breaking our ability to be “serious” with his sense of humor.

It was a very humbling experience, with many factors that certainly remind me why I love the power of a picture and how important it is for our memory bank, especially when those that we love are no longer with us. One person they made sure was not forgotten was Ally’s late father; Her mother walked her down the isle and her brother danced what would typically be the “father/daughter” dance with her, a humbling reminder that life is precious.

I’ve had so many moments in my career that remind me why I love this job and why I enjoy providing these “visual memories” for couples and their families. Experiencing these humbling reminders are just one of the many reasons that I feel the photographer plays such an important role on the wedding day.

Ally & Brandon, thank you so much for including me on your wedding day. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and getting to know you both. I wish you both nothing but a lifetime of happiness!

Crystal Broussard



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