CRYSTAL BROUSSARD PHOTOGRAPHY | Janet & Daniel | Cedar Rapids Wedding

Janet & Daniel | Cedar Rapids Wedding

September 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

J a n e t  &  D a n i e l 

It's not very often that I walk in to a wedding having never personally met the bride & groom. However, because Janet & Daniel live in Minnesota and were unable to do engagement portraits, such was the case for this wedding. This is usually pretty nerve wracking if I'm being honest, one of the reason I offer the engagement session in my wedding collections is for the opportunity to become better acquainted with the couples I work with, however despite that things went really well! Except for the bugs. ;) We definitely did not put "get eaten alive by gnats & mosquitoes" on the agenda for the day - but we made it through it and as a result we have some great portraits from their being troopers and sticking it out in a bug infested flower garden for as long as they could.

This was one of my six hour events and I have to say, these are becoming some of my favorite events. While I of course love and appreciate the clients who want every aspect of their day covered and have big lavish weddings, I also adore the small more intimate events. Small weddings are typically very laid back, with very little commotion or the feeling of being rushed, etc. Whereas larger weddings do occasionally have that overwhelming sense to them. Not necessarily to the photographer who is used to large weddings, but more so just the overall vibe can feel like we have a lot more going on than that of the smaller events. Some times the smaller weddings feel a little like a break from the chaos, if you will. This was the vibe at Janet & Daniel's wedding. Everyone was very easy to get along with, it was very down to earth and easy going. Just an overall good vibe! 

So with that, I want to thank you Janet & Daniel for choosing me to photograph your wedding! I wish you both the best of luck! 

Oh! & Side note, Janet said something that struck a chord with me Saturday when she told me to try to make her half as beautiful as the brides on my website, this was disheartening to hear and so I just want to say Janet you ARE beautiful! Beauty does not come with a manual, it is not a cookie cutter one size fits all category. Beauty comes in all shapes, all sizes, all types of personalities, all kinds of human beings from all walks of life, it comes from a million different things that I could not possibly begin to even list here and you my friend are no exception! Please remember that! <3 

Also, I want to give a shout out to Janet & Daniel's wedding planner Brianne Ackerland of Stress-Free Weddings. Seriously one of the easiest and most helpful wedding planners I have had the pleasure of working with. Also, although this wedding was in Cedar Rapids, she is also based out of the Quad Cities as well. So my QC brides if you are looking for a wedding planner, definitely check her out! She is very helpful, not overly intrusive at all (which is my personal favorite type of wedding planner) and very easy to work with! I'll link her website below! 

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