CRYSTAL BROUSSARD PHOTOGRAPHY | The Importance of Allowing Time & Being Cooperative for Portraits on Your Wedding Day

The Importance of Allowing Time & Being Cooperative for Portraits on Your Wedding Day

June 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Importance of Allowing Time & Being Cooperative for Portraits on Your Wedding Day

When hiring a wedding photographer the primary reason typically falls on their style, you see a beautiful portrait of a couple on their wedding day and decide: “Yes! I want portraits like that!”

Beautiful portraits occur when one of two things happen.

1.  We have cooperative clients.
2. Our cooperative clients set aside time for portraits.

Many photographers are very talented and some will likely refute this article by stating they possess the ability to create apples from oranges, however those of us who are honest realize that beautiful portraits cannot happen if you do not take them.

Most of my couples set aside approximately two and half hours just for portraits. We almost always begin with family portraits before ceremony and then creative portraits after ceremony. If we have a tight timeline, I will suggest setting aside approximately 10 mins during the reception for sunset portraits and most couples oblige, in fact some of my most beautiful wedding portraits were created in this 10 mins.

I stress to every client I photograph that time, lighting, and cooperation are key.

When you choose a wedding photographer, please keep this in consideration. If you are not interested in these type of portraits, let us know ahead of time and we can make sure it is something that both parties agree upon. While I always suggest things to my clients, it is ultimately their decision on how portraits go. That said, if these type of portraits are important to you setting aside time and being cooperative through the process is imperative.

I photographed a wedding this last weekend and it could not have ran smoother. They were extremely patient with me while I desperately tried to find the best place for portraits at their location, some locations have very little shade and I needed shade with where the sun was in the sky or I’d have a bunch of sweaty squinting wedding party members. They didn't fuss or rush me, they just let me find the best spot on the property for portraits. In fact, they were very cooperative, patient, inviting, and most importantly had fun with portraits. The bride and groom also set aside time during their reception to do sunset portraits and we created one of my favorite sunset portraits from a wedding to date.

Exhibit A: 

This photograph would not have happened if they refused to take the extra time for some more individual portraits. 

This could not have happened if they refused portraits, complained about portraits, rushed portraits, and did not want to take the time to create portraits. Atmosphere dramatically impacts your portraits. If time is not on our side and we must crunch to make the most of it, cooperation will save you here. However, while we may be talented we cannot pull a rabbit out of a hat if you refuse portraits and or are not cooperative.

Here’s the thing girls: Your dress will get dirty, let it! Do not waste your time worrying about the inevitable. It drags on the ground, it gets caught on things, it will be okay! Your hair looks fine, yes humidity is probably not your friend but zero portraits because of the weather is worse than sucking it up and letting it go! HAVE FUN!!! It is your wedding day!!!! Never waste your wedding worrying about things outside of your control. Whatever will be will be! Most importantly, never let the sun set on your sorrows – never let things like weather, timing, forgetting something, running a little behind, etc ruin your day! You will not be able to go back and redo it later and whatever mood you decide to display will surely be documented, make sure it’s the right mood! 

Thank you to everyone who has booked with Crystal Broussard Photography. 
In no way is this a reflection of my opinions based on one experience, just my feelings on how to help create beautiful portraits the day of your wedding! We are looking forward to photographing all of our remaining 2016 couples as well as 2017 couples and more than appreciate all those who booked before you! 

Happy Wedding Season y'all! 

* the photographs used in this article are not an indication that these were our ONLY cooperative clients, we have had MANY amazing clients, we just chose a few photographs to use for this article that coincided with the overall message! We appreciate ALL of our clients!!!! 


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