CRYSTAL BROUSSARD PHOTOGRAPHY | Kaitlyn & Adam | Watchtower Lodge Wedding | Rock Island, IL

Kaitlyn & Adam | Watchtower Lodge Wedding | Rock Island, IL

June 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

K a i t l y n  &  A d a m 

It's a very rare occasion that I feel like I am not myself at a wedding. However, on most events, I haven't been up all night the night before spending copious amounts of time getting sick. I hadn't been this sick in ages, we're talking down for the count, completely checked out, sicker than a dog (what does that even mean?) kind of sick. I've been so blessed throughout this pregnancy and have not had a single moment of morning sickness or nausea, so this was entirely unrelated to my current "predicament". 

That said, wow! This couple and their family were so accommodating to the fact that I was a bit under weather. There were a couple moments when I had no choice but to sit down, despite loading up with fluids all morning and all throughout the day, my body was still re-cooping from being sick and ultimately, despite all efforts, I felt entirely dehydrated whenever photographing outdoors. 

They provided me with water, allowed me to sit in air conditioning and consistently asked how I was feeling. They also incessantly thanked ME for my patience and I thought, no THANK YOU for your patience with me! I just wasn't myself, but had they not been so accommodating I would have been even farther from my game. We were still able to get amazing photographs and I am so excited to show you a sneak peek from their wedding day. 

Thank you again Kaitlyn, Adam, and all of your family for being such a blessing to work with! 

Also, side note: Every couple should check out "The Shoe Game" - what a cute game to play at a wedding!! 


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