Nice to meet you!

My name is Crystal and I am a wedding photographer based in the Quad Cities (Iowa).

I guess if I were to describe myself in three words, I’d use the following:

Honest, Open-minded, and Compassionate.

I believe that connections are important. We are all in this together when it comes down to it and so documenting the spirit of being human is probably my favorite part of being a photographer.

And maybe, it’s why I am a photographer? Or why I believe that wedding photography allows me to capture that more than other forms of photography.

My favorite part of the wedding day is any moment I can just document. I love candid/authentic moments or even creating them when I can during the more structured portraits of the day. I pay very close attention to detail and believe that is one of my strong suits as a photographer.

I do have over ten years of experience with photography and have been solely a photographer (no outside job) since 2012.

If you’re interested in learning more about me or setting up a consultation with me, please fill out any of the forms listed on the website that cover the photography service you are most interested in and I will get back to you promptly!

Thank you so much for considering me as your photographer.

x – Crystal Broussard

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Random Facts About Me:

- I’m a mother of three + engaged myself to a pretty handsome guy, if i do say so myself.

- I love iced coffee.

- I also may love it to not actually taste like coffee.
- so, maybe i love creamer + heavy whipping cream?

- my favorite movie is “the breakfast club” + yes, i can recite nearly every line in that movie.

- my favorite tv show is: “the office”.

- i secretly want to write a novel - (or, i did secretly want to write a novel, guess it’s not a secret anymore.)

- i am both an introverted homebody + can also talk to anyone.

- i write down things I am grateful for every day!

- i believe that most people are genuinely good + we should be more understanding of one another.

- i believe in paving your own way, thinking for yourself, doing what feels right + not apologizing for being yourself.

- i believe you absolutely should pursue your dreams + do what you love.