Pricing the Priceless

Please read before inquiring.  

Your wedding day photographer is one of the few investments you will make that will last a lifetime.  This person is responsible for providing you the memory of how it felt to be married, how beautiful you looked in that wedding dress (or tux!), how you celebrated with the people close to you and the love that you felt on a day that cannot be replaced.

It’s important that we choose a photographer who possesses the ability to stand the test of time, a photographer whose images will uphold their quality for years to come and most importantly a photographer who will not leave you regretting this very important decision.

The wedding photographer is listed at the top of your wedding day investments for good reason, they’re the only one responsible for preserving your memories. When meeting with wedding planners & searching the web for wedding basics, you will always discover that there are three wedding day specifics that are listed as the MOST important: Your dress, your venues, and … your photographer.

Quality photography is an investment that requires consideration. Budgets are a part of every wedding and when it comes to budgeting the photographer, quality is of the up most value. This is an investment that if you are on a budget, you cut décor costs for to make happen, an investment that you choose a different entrée for, or an investment that you choose fake flowers over real because it’s more important to you that your memories which will last a life time are preserved with quality as opposed to making sure you had flowers that will not make it to next week.

You can see that photographing weddings are not only something I am very passionate about but also that this is an area in which I have honed my skills to where I am capable of providing couples with a unique perspective in immense detail. Of all the photography I provide, this is the area in which I feel the most comfortable stating that if you choose me, you will be in good hands. 

We offer a free consultation to every inquiring bride, are willing to discuss pricing upon being contacted and offer competitive rates among the Quad Cities top wedding photographers.  We have 6, 8, & 10 hour collections available and always include an engagement session as well as digital files. 

If you are interested in learning more about the wedding collections offered through Crystal Broussard Photography, please contact Crystal with the following details: 

Your name, phone # you can be reached at, wedding date, and location of wedding. 

Hope to hear from you soon! 

Crystal Broussard 

All collections include: The option for two photographers & digital files from the wedding, please inquire for more details. <3 

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