Kelsea & Jake | Barn Wedding | Davenport, IA

June 20, 2016  •  1 Comment

K e l s e a   &  J a k e 

Congratulations Kelsea & Jake! Thank you so much for choosing Crystal Broussard Photography! 


Okay, Let me explain this portrait & why it's included: 

Before the ceremony I was talking to the groom's mom, she had come in to check the time but stopped and made small talk with me in the process. Side note: very friendly wedding, the couple, the wedding party, their parents - everyone was very inviting. Just good vibes all around.

So, I'm standing there talking to her and she pulls up the time on her phone, sees it's 4:29 and gasps, then looks as if she's about to cry. I look at her somewhat inquisitively and she says to me: "Ever since my father passed I see the number 29 randomly pop up at moments when I'm stressed or just going through something, etc. When he was a little boy he thought the number 29 was so big, so he used to tell everyone: "I love you 29." So, that's so strange that I checked the time right when it was 4:29, I guess that sounds odd."

I told her that it didn't sound odd at all.

Sometimes there are things that we cannot explain and maybe they are merely coincidences, but to us... they're not. If seeing a number or smelling a specific smell provides you with a memory of your loved one, then I say embrace it and assume it's them saying "Hey, it's going to be okay."
I took a picture of it for her, because even though I know that she will probably never forget that moment when she looked at the time at her son's wedding and saw the number 29, she will now have a visual of it to keep with her.

Which is why I believe in the importance of a photograph - it's why I encourage brides to have their mothers help them get ready because someday these will be among their most cherished portraits of their mother or why I believe that if your parents are with you that skipping the father/daughter mother/son dance is silly.... because they provide portraits of people who will not last forever having a moment that does.

Think about that.


Additional Vendors Include: 

Makeup - Ashley Ibsen of Made Up
Hair - Havoc Hair Salon 
Flowers - Melanie's Flowers


This is a beautiful barn wedding. Where is this barn / venue at??
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