Shelby & Daniel | The Keller Brick Barn Wedding | Dallas Center, IA

October 09, 2016  •  1 Comment

S h e l b y  &  D a n i e l 

I am behind on time this morning as a football mama that has about 20 mins to spare before heading out to a football game and I REALLY want to say more about this wedding but also want you to be able to see the pictures too! I will come back and write about this, I promise! 

Shelby, Daniel, Thank you so much for choosing Crystal Broussard Photography to photograph your wedding! 



Pastor Joseph Karge(non-registered)
What great couple, gorgeous venue, great ceremony, most beautiful bride, strong well-mannered soft-spoken groom, superb photography. As the pastor I appreciate your attention to detail,...notice how I step out of the way during the vows, kiss and introduction as newlyweds, awkward pictures with the officiant standing behind the bride and groom during these special and intimate moments. Great job capturing those memories.
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