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E m i l e e  &  N i c k

I feel like the speeches in last night's wedding really summed up this couple. Admittedly, I had actually not met Nick until yesterday but having met Emilee I assumed that there was no way she'd be marrying someone who was not a pretty darn decent human being, so I feel like I have a little leeway to determine that the things their friends and family stated in their speeches is pretty close to accurate. 

Emilee's father let us know that Nick traveled all the way to Arizona to ask for Emilee's hand in marriage (see, more than pretty darn decent). Emilee's maid of honor told us how beautiful Emilee is inside and out, which well we can all tell by looking at her that she is absolutely stunning to look at but really, her personality matches her natural beauty and that makes her even more of a beautiful human being. Nick's brother let us know that Emilee & Nick are the epitome of what true and genuine love consists of.

I have photographed probably over one-hundred weddings by now (I've honestly lost count), but when I heard Nick's brother discussing true love, I completely understood the type of love he was discussing and how genuinely rare it is. It's so rare that I have a handful of couples that I have photographed that I have seen & recognized that sort of unspoken synchronicity that comes along with that deep soulmate sort of love. Which is not to say that all the couples I photograph are not in love, there is just something a little different about those deep connections and I think it's easier to detect when your entire business is about love. 

& Nick's brother is correct: Emilee & Nick have this. 

Emilee wrote Nick something for him to read before they got married. I took him in a room away from everyone and then even though I initially had every intention of photographing him reading this note, I ultimately decided to not photograph him reading it. I don't know why, I just kind of felt like I was intruding on something sacred. Which is really rare for me, I am probably the most intrusive photographer sometimes... but I could just tell it was something that should be private. And when he walked out of that room, clearly having just cried over whatever Emilee had just wrote to him... I knew that I would have been intruding on his genuine response to her words. 

One of Nick's only stipulations for his wedding day was that he did not want to see his bride until she walked down the isle. Now, for many photographers this can be nerve wracking because you then have to figure out how you are going to comfortably fit all the portraits in between ceremony and reception and not have guests waiting for hours on end. We worked it out just fine and I actually encourage my couples to not compromise their beliefs for portraits, so I always find a way to work around those who wish to remain traditional and when he saw he walking down the isle... I knew that waiting was perfect for this couple. 

Speaking of nerve wracking though, the only thing I spent far too much time worrying about for this wedding was the size of their wedding party. I have been doing this for quite a while and I have never photographed a wedding party that contained twenty-two people. I did have one small advantage, my previous clients Erica & Sam were in the wedding party and I had worked with half of the groomsmen before, however twenty-two people is a lot of people to have to keep in check, especially when you are seven months pregnant and may not always have the greatest amount of patience (it's the baby's fault... not mine). But these guys were amazing! Emilee said to me "Do you think they did pretty good for as big of a group as we have?" I was like "They seriously did amazing!! I literally cannot believe it went that smoothly!" They had an amazing group of friends standing up there with them and this group completely changed my perspective on large wedding parties! So cheers to y'all because you guys were awesome to work with! 

I'll go ahead and just apologize for the book, because I'm not done yet and well because I never write this much on a blog but I am actively trying to get back in to writing more about my weddings... so why not just go all out? 

You probably noticed in the pictures there were some surprise guests at the wedding (yes, I am assuming you looked at the pictures before reading this, haha). Because Emilee is a Hawkeye fan and Nick is a Cyclones fan they had a dance off between the school mascots: Hawkeye vs. Herkey. I've actually photographed a few "house divided" weddings here in Iowa but I think this definitely took the cake on how to showcase their differences! 

It was certainly an amazing wedding to be a part of. Emilee, Nick, I want to thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your wedding. Your families, friends, and other vendors were amazing to work with and I could not have asked for a better atmosphere at a wedding. Truly, thank you for allowing me to be a part of that! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek I provided for you, it was definitely difficult narrowing down the perfect portraits to share for you - you gave me so much to work with! 

Crystal Broussard 

Also, side note: I want to apologize for feeling faint during formal portraits and not really feeling myself. To the church, from myself and every pregnant woman there (there were an alarming number of pregnant women at your wedding!) : turn down your heat! WOW. ;) Once we got out doors, I was fine but that church was killing me! This has been a fairly smooth pregnancy but I am learning that on top of having some minor iron issues - heat is my worst enemy! So thank you for being so kind to me while I wasn't feeling the best and thank you Erica for feeding me!! You're the best. :) 

Vendor Credits (will add to this as I learn more - I usually ask and forgot a couple.): 

Ceremony: St. Mary & Mathias Catholic Church, Muscatine IA 
Reception: University Club, Moline IL 
Flowers: Flowers on the Avenue 
Videographer: TKM Productions, Iowa City IA 
DJ: RJS Productions, Hampton IL 

Okay, Let's see these pictures!! 

Images are best viewed from a Computer. You may also go in to the album "Sneak Peeks" under "Client galleries" and view the images individually in a larger format. 


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