Located in Durant, IA Crystal Broussard is a portrait & wedding photographer offering services in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. Areas with the most experience: Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, Rock Island, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and Chicago. Willing to travel, Crystal offers a wide variety of photography services that focus on creativity, originality, & quality in a documentary style fashion. When you book with Crystal Broussard Photography you can be assured that the portraits provided will tell a story whilst providing a unique, detailed prospective.

In Her Own Words:

Photography, to me, is the telling of a story through imagery as opposed to words. In some ways it is harder to visualize what it is that makes a person unique but like words, what separates the strength of the subject is the amount of time that is spent describing who they are as an individual. This is why my favorite photographs are seldom of the subjects posed and smiling for camera, in fact it’s often something I have to remind myself to include in the sneak peeks I provide clients because my favorite images of their sessions with me are usually of the details that I find unique about them. For instance the certain way a bride responds to her groom when he kisses her cheek or the way he looks at her when for that brief moment he forgets that I am there. It’s the way a child scrunches his face when he’s being mischievous or the way a father holds his daughter’s hand during the first dance. There are so many unspoken moments between people that tell their story and that is what I find the most fascinating when I’m behind the camera.

Or maybe it’s just that I’m a meticulous person by nature? Who knows?

I’m not always meticulous, at home I juggle between working from home, being a mother of three, trying to figure out this whole “house wife thing” (yes still, even in my 30’s), and contemplating why there are only 24 hours in a day to: work, cook, clean, answer 5,000 of life’s most important questions from very inquisitive children, figure out what “me time” is + more importantly remember “us time” too. Which is ironic isn’t it? Because life actually isn’t “picture perfect” and it tests the meaning of the phrase.

Traditionally it has been meant to describe something that is unrealistic, that actually picture perfect was derived from the notion that photographers would go through painstaking detail staging a “flawless” image by inadvertently stripping the subjects away from their individualism. So, maybe we should re-evaluate the term? Maybe “picture perfect” should be the imperfections that make us… human.

This doesn’t mean that I never pose, or I never say things like “say cheese” and I may even on occasion bribe small children but I do try my hardest to pay attention to the little things that make people… well.. people.

So, if you are a person and you’re interested in booking me for your photography needs, I’m so ready.

Thank you for the taking the time to read this.


Crystal Broussard

P.S. If paragraphs aren’t your thing. Here are a few of my favorite things:

+ Photographing humans.
+ The humans I brought in to this world +  the human I chose to spend my life with.
+ Drawing + Painting
+ Writing
+ Coffee, cleverly disguised with creamer so that it doesn’t in fact taste… anything like coffee.
+ Netflix Marathons (Like Malcom in the Middle, Gilmore Girls, and the Office.. to name a few.)
+ Home cooked meals!
+ Copious amounts of flannel.
+ Life, just in general. <3 

How to Book: 

CALL ME: 563-554-1032

Thanks so much for taking a look around my website! Hope to hear from you! 

Crystal Broussard