Hello! I’m Crystal and I am the absolute worst at writing in the third person, so we’re going to tackle this in the first person! I live in a small town in Iowa just west of the Quad Cities called Durant which allows me to comfortably serve the Quad Cities, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and surrounding areas! I’m also totally willing to travel and confession: I’ve never photographed a destination wedding and that makes me really sad! (So please take me with you!!)

Here are a few of my favorite things:

People : My fiancé, my three children, my parents, close friends, and clients!
Beverage : Coffee!
Hobby : Drawing or writing, I love them both equally!
Animal : Any bird that talks!
Movie : True Romance
Music Genre : The entire 90’s!
TV Show : Gilmore Girls!
Season : Fall!
Peace of Clothing : Sweaters!
Comfort Food : French Fries!
Favorite Disney Princess : Pocahontas! (Was she a princess? I don’t know, but she’s my favorite!)
Celebrity : Ooo…  right now? Totally Tony Robbins!
Quote : “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

My core values :

Do what you love + love what you do!
Be kind, be compassionate, be driven + stay motivated!
Whenever the moment presents itself: practice gratitude!

A little about my business :

I am primarily a wedding photographer, I have been photographing weddings for NINE years and this is definitely my “niche”, if you will. I love everything about weddings and believe I excel most in this area of photography + find it to be the most rewarding, for me!
I am a documentary-style photographer and focus a lot of the wedding day on candid portraiture! My goal is to provide you quality portraits from start to finish, but not forcing you to spend hours on end away from your guests taking portraits in order to achieve that! I’m hyper-focused on detail, super meticulous in execution yet somehow very laid back (it’s my thang! Haha).

I offer a HUGE sneak peek 48 hours after every event, respond to emails daily, and turn full galleries around quickly (so you won't be waiting months to see your photos!). I do start booking about a year in advance, but you never know – I may have your date available still if you’re inquiring after that so please head over to my contact page and let’s get your date reserved!


I look forward to hearing from you!


How to Book: 

Please inquire using a contact form on the website!

Thanks so much for taking a look around my website! Hope to hear from you! 

Crystal Broussard

As Seen on The Knot